River Oaks

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River Oaks

  • 164,608 SF
Services Provided
  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Interior Design
  • Exterior Repositioning
  • Outdoor Amenity Design
  • Bixby Land Company
  • San Jose, CA

The redevelopment of these tilt-up buildings centered not only around a modernization of the exterior and interior appearance, but more significantly on the creation of a wide range of exterior amenities to emphasize the campus-like nature of the facility.

The three buildings are arranged around a central open space, with tiered lawn areas, cafe and informal Adirondack seating, and a new vehicular approach that creates a sense of ceremony and significance for visitors and tenants alike.

The buildings have a new tenant – a client who recognizes the value of the exterior environment, the campus feel, and the qualities of the buildings as a corporate headquarters facility. The new client retained Studio G Architects to carry out tenant improvements, including a wide range of collaborative spaces and extensive labs.