Studio G is an award-winning Bay Area architectural design firm that handles interior and exterior projects of all scales, approaching each as a unique opportunity to tell our client’s story. We design the spaces people want to spend time in. 


When working with Studio G you get  authentic, creative conversations

We’re listeners.  Whether designing a new building or refreshing part of an existing suite, we work to deliver beyond expectations through an attentive understanding of each client’s purpose, vision and goals. 

Studio G excels in implementing solutions

We’re problem-solvers. We identify and address potential variables in advance, allowing for a seamless design process where creative choices are always technically supported. Down to the last detail, we’re prepared ahead of time. 

Studio G brings unique design expertise to our Bay Area clients

We’re here for a reason. The Bay Area is the global center of innovation. Pairing unique local natural aesthetic opportunities with technology drives our work and results in business growth, elevated visibility, and increased ROI for our clients.

Studio G’s team is female-founded and culturally dynamic

Studio G is a woman-owned Women Business Enterprise (WBE). Our team represents a range of cultural backgrounds, each bringing an original voice and fresh perspective. We continuously inspire each other to generate out-of-the-box thinking.  

Studio G values sustainable consciousness 

We’re environmentally conscious. We care about the environment and believe that repositioning and reimagining existing structures is the most sustainable way to reduce our carbon footprint.