Liquid Agency

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Liquid Agency

  • 4,500 SF
Services Provided
  • Architectural Interior Design
  • Environmental Graphic Design
  • Professional Services
  • San Jose, CA

The owner of this building and the business that resides here, a graphic designer, had a strong sense of architectural style, reflecting the brand of the company he created.   We worked closely with Alfredo Muccino, and project manager with the SJRDA to achieve a design that reflected the very modern aesthetic that was critical to Alfredo’s business model and image, yet worked with the historic context, scale, vocabulary and proportional rhythms of the street and surrounding building.

After historic review, the original design scheme had certain elements called into question. However, working together with the SJRDA project manager and the building’s owner, a compromise was achieved that retained the original design intent, while satisfying the concerns of the Historic Landmarks Review.

This façade renovation cleans up a building long overdue for new work on the hip block of South First Street.  A part of the building that previously was an eyesore and a source of concern for Alfredo and his business’ brand, has become a point of entry for Alfredo’s clients and employees that completely reflects Liquid’s aesthetic.