The Campus

In the 1980’s, tilt-up construction was the norm for low-rise buildings in Silicon Valley. To create variation, architects often resorted to deeply recessed lobbies and window lines, and angled awnings. These projects are now quite dated both in terms of exterior appearance and interior fit-out.

This project was radically upgraded through a close partnership with Bixby Land, and the landscape architect HMH. Key interventions included:

  • A new exterior appearance with extensive glass lines and metal panel to highlight the lobbies
  • A rich, park-like amenity area between the buildings, that creates a work-play dynamic
  • A largely open-plan interior, with a shared break / all-hands area adjoining the outdoor amenities.

CLIENT: Bixby Land Company

SIZE: 288,514 SF

LOCATION: San Jose, California

DATE COMPLETED: February 2014